Digital Pixel energy efficiency program, GridFirst is designed for Utility Management, serving residential areas and commercial centres. The fast consumption of energy resources and contamination of fresh water resources are major areas of concern, with every need to educate the consumer of gas or electric and water utility management. Our Utility management System offers an array of exciting energy management solutions that deliver meaningful saving and efficiency.

Energy producing industries globally are under immense pressure, demand for power is growing immensely and must be met with safety and not beyond environmental regulations. New upgraded facilities must be brought online which can respond quickly with minimum service interruptions. Companies which are setup on and having trillions of assets in the field require better Utility Management System to keep their operational and maintenance costs low.

Our Smart Energy Management System core purpose is to provide a reliable and sustainable solution. In a continuous aspiration to improve Customer’s Service, satisfaction levels, Digital Pixel understands the importance of Utility Management Solutions.