Mobile Applications

Digital Pixel, Mobile Application Development Company is reputed for developing Mobile Applications for Smart phones, Android, iPhone mobile phones. Our services include remote data synchronization, telephony and messaging based applications as well as video content delivery of mobile applications.

Digital Pixel Mobile Application development company, develop iPhone, Android and Smart Phone Mobile Apps which Include Healthcare, Enterprise mobility, Web on Mobile integration, Mobile Marketing and advertising etc in the US. A mobile device can be used to a greater extent for many solutions across various industries.

Mobile Applications developed for iPhone, Android and Smart Phones are much faster compared to Mobile websites. With a few clicks of a button a user can get any information required, service from an application etc.

Our Mastery in Mobile Application Development includes:

  • Mobile Apps for Smart Phones, iPhone, Android Apps
  • Applications for Business Planning, Plotting and Management
  • Industrial Setup, maintenance and Utility Management
  • Communication & Messaging Apps, Social Networking and Blogging Apps
  • HealthCare Apps for Hospitals and Personal Health Tracker
  • Automotive solutions for Automobile industries
  • Travel Apps for holiday Tours and packages

Utility Management mobile application by Digital Pixel technologies assists utility management, serving commercial and residential areas. Our mobile application needs no additional cost and provides 24/7 data access to its customers. Data can be reviewed, compared with previous bills versus current utilization to ensure effective energy utilization. You can get connected, update with latest offers and information effectively on mobile which as a result increases communication and relationship with your customers.

HealthCare Mobile Application developed by Digital Pixel is used to keep a track of Health status, BMI information etc. A schedule for patient can be prepared such that reminder about Pills/Drugs to be taken, diet to be followed etc are notified on time as per medic’s advice in Mobile Application developed.

Mobile Applications for Automotive industries provide access to companies and dealers to connect with their customers in an effective way. Our solutions provide a positive edge to you developing strong relationship with customers increasing responsiveness. You can update your customers about latest offers by sending notifications in a smart phone. Our application offer inventory management tools that are both innovative and intuitive. Our ultimate goal is to enable you to turn your inventories faster while realizing more profits.

Digital PixelTechnologies Travel application is on the premise that you need a global IT solution which will absolutely integrate with your current system and enable you to provide the best services to your customers around travel industry.Digital Pixel’s vast experience in building optimal Travel solutions with proven methodologies integrates absolutely with your organization and enables you to build your own digital ecosystem.